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 Tarp Clothing is the product of decades of adoration for beach and surf culture.  It's since grown into the uniform for the adventurer, for the surfer, the golfer or the casual drinks with friends-er.   What started as a dream to create a line of casual, functional and stylish clothing has been meticulously brought to life, fuelled by a love for the ocean and the easy going lifestyle that accompanies it.  Whether it's feeling the spray of the ocean on your face, waking up at sunrise to catch the best waves or seeing the fairway open up in front of you with the sun on your back, Tarp has you covered.  From the fabric and style to the warm, long-slow-breath-inducing colours of the Big Swell logo, Tarp lives and breathes effortless, casual style that takes you wherever you want to go.


Officially founded in Calgary, Canada by Jeremy Pigeon, Tarp has become a true, small family business.  Jeremy is at the forefront of design for every product and is aided by perhaps the most important people to the company and the two reasons why he gets out of bed every day - his young daughters, Sasha and Jade.  These girls are avid helpers in quality control, tagging, packaging for delivery and input for current and future designs. 


"We all have our 'go-to' clothing we reach for when it comes to style, versatility, and comfort. Whatever you do for your release, Tarp is that 'go-to' piece of clothing. So get up, get out, and enjoy all the beauty our planet has to offer.


Just do it in Tarp!"


-Founder, Jeremy Pigeon